Abbotsford BC – Real Estate Investment

Abbotsford BC – Real Estate Investment. Quick Overview

Abbotsford Overall

Abbotsford, British Columbia has experienced a lot of progress in recent years. It is located nearly 70 km east of Vancouver. Its population is rapidly growing and has touched nearly 150k. Abbotsford is one of the biggest cities outside of the Greater Vancouver area. Abbotsford offers many local job opportunities, affordable home prices (still) as well as a large quantity of housing options. Homebuyers look to Abbotsford to complete their long-term investment and living strategies. Abbotsford offers best of both words to its residents: Urban as well as country living side by side through its natural farming potential/set up.

General information about Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

The latitude is 49.056801, and the longitude is -122.285042.

DMS Lat‎: ‎49° 3′ 24.4836” N

DMS Long‎: ‎122° 17′ 6.1512” W

Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time. Current Offset: UTC/GMT -7 hours

Day time savings changes: Yes, day time saving changes are applicable in Abbotsford

Population (2018) estimated: 142000

General weather in Abbotsford:

January; High: 6-9 deg C, Low: 1—2 deg C. June; High: 23-28 deg C, Low: 10-15 deg C. All other months are in-between the above range. Abbotsford can see temp as high as 35 deg C in June or July but that is a rare day once in 2-3 years. Abbotsford sees only a week to 2 in a year where temperatures are always below zero.

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The City of Abbotsford maintains 70 diverse community playgrounds and two public spray parks. It is very helpful to provide active lifestyle to the growing generation. Abbotsford has a great set up for the jogging or running routes. The city also offers a lot of outdoor activities and clubs.

Abbotsford is a boundless city to live for individuals of all ages and for different life style lovers. Whereas seniors will find a lot of low maintenance high personal care buildings; there are numerous single family dwellings to raise your children. Singles also will find a lot of high quality condo living available in the city. For those who love the condo-dweller lifestyle, there’s no shortage of options.

Financial Progress of Abbotsford

Abbotsford real GDP growth has improved due to the goods-producing sector leading the way. Mission has contributed significantly in it as well. There are growing business opportunities, US manufacturing sector is strong and Canadian dollar is low. Combined with the faster border access and Vancouver access, overall business activity is expected to be continually healthy, especially in the wood products business. The general forecast for the construction sector is also positive, with significant projection in housing and investment-non-residential market. Growth of service sector, wholesale and retail is bit slow but can be overall absorbed by other accelerated growth sectors.

According to a Conference Board of Canada study on medium-sized metropolitan economies, Abbotsford can expect strong economic growth this year and for the following four years. This projection governs that Abbotsford will be growing in a straight up line until 2020. Mission will also see a reasonable growth along Abbotsford.


After the quick assessment of overall progress, weather, demographics, province’s and city’s infrastructure, geographic location, market supply v/s demand equation and inflow of immigrants, Abbotsford is a very safe place to call home. The city is positioned well to progress further. It has continuously attracted talent from all walks of life and supported them while balancing its own growth.

It makes sense to review and invest in Abbotsford’s real estate in the coming years!

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